Master economics in Venice, Italy

Master economics Italy is a university entity, located in the city of Venice and that awards recognized quality training. Part of an approved training program among the Methods of Quantitative Economics (QEM) of a European Union of international graduate degrees, teaching extends full and in English over a period of two years. In addition, its pleasant location allows a flow of students to prefer among a plethora of other control options.

The materials constituting training


Master economics Venice provides training with all rigor in fundamental quantitative tools by combining both basic economic theory and related quantitative disciplines such as statistics, probability, econometrics, finance, actuarial calculation and simulations, mathematical modeling, experimental designs without forgetting political science.

Specialization and its benefits

The quality of courses that lead to this mastery gives students the opportunity to specialize in one or the other of these areas following the many interests. This allows the Master economics Venice nationals to access easily to the labor market.

The latter being constituted positions in government and private agencies, not to mention the national and international financial institutions. This is also why this MA in Economics is a Diploma of Excellence awarded to those who demonstrate a high level of expertise.

A favorable atmosphere

The geographic location of Venice allows those who want and are able to obtain a master economics Italy to study in the most favorable possible situations. Hold, Venice is one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. This city is characterized by its good weather throughout the year, which besides tourism is the most important. This is an important information because few people know that.


You are in quest of training that allows you to access jobs safe and guaranteed. Master economics Venice waits. You have a chance to be among the first to know this training in an atmosphere out of the ordinary, do not miss this unique opportunity.

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